Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I Got in the Mail...

Yesterday I got two new samples in the mail, plus a coupon book from P&G.

This is a sample deodorant and body wash from Dove Men + Care. Obviously this is for my boyfriend and not for me, but I'm excited about it because it will help when it comes to packing light for our beach trip in a couple weeks. The sample box also came with a couple of coupons for Dove Men + Care. 

A couple sample packets of Miracle Whip. I actually hate mayonnaise, so this, again, was for my boyfriend, not for me. 

P&G coupon book! It has pretty much all the same coupons as last time (lots of spring cleaning type stuff) but I think the ones from the old book are about to expire so I'm glad this one came when it did. 

If you're interested in getting either of the samples or the coupon book yourself:
  • Dove Men + Care: this was a sample on the Walmart website that has since expired, but you can now get a free sample of Gold Bond body wash on the free samples page instead.
  • Miracle Whip
  • P&G Coupon Book: sign up here to get the quarterly coupon book, PLUS receive a quarterly box of samples (I got Pantene shampoo + conditioner, Head & Shoulders shampoo + conditioner, and Tampax last quarter) 

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