Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on My Goal for Fall

Y'all might remember about two weeks ago I decided I didn't want to pay anything out of pocket for textbooks for the fall. Since then, I have a few updates about this goal that I wanted to share...

Image from Vox Populi

  • Selling my textbooks: this was awful. I made a total of $15 (only one of my five textbooks got sold). I gave this money to Jake for some personal reasons. I'm going to wait until fall to try to sell some of these books on Facebook.
  • I won a contest, though! Kristin at Couponing to Disney was holding a contest on her blog where she was giving out $5 Amazon gift cards to her readers... I entered and I won! So there's that, at least. 
  • I found out about Bing Rewards! I already mentioned Swagbucks, a site where you can earn and redeem "digital dollars" by searching the Internet, but I just found out about Bing Rewards! You earn credits by searching through Microsoft Bing; you earn 250 credits just by signing up for the program. They have tons of awesome rewards, and a $5 Amazon gift card is just 541 credits! I signed up 10 minutes ago and I already have 267 credits. I'm so excited about finding this program! 
  • I also found out about Checkpoints! Checkpoints is a FREE app available for iPhone and Android. Basically, you "check in" when you go places like the grocery store and you can scan items with your phone, earning you points, including points for an Amazon gift card. Best of all, enter the code "swagbucks" when registering to get 20 Swagbucks as well as 300 points on Checkpoints, which is already enough for $1 on Amazon (this information comes from Couponing to Disney). 
I will keep y'all updated on any new programs I find out about!

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